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Cellulite occurs mostly in the pelvic region of women, from the abdomen down through the thighs. Cellulite is not a type of fat, but a description of fat that becomes herniated within fibrous tissue (septa) that connects the fat to the skin. The fibrous tissue may stretch, break down, and become rigid, allowing the fat cells to bulge. The result is a dimpling. It is not a disorder or a disease, but a “normal condition of many women and some men” (MedicinePlus Encyclopedia). While genes play a major role in cellulite, a poor diet, dehydration, hormonal changes, stress, and lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency may all contribute to the formation of cellulite (Wikipedia). For example, eating a high fat diet low in fresh vegetables and fruit, drinking inadequate amounts of water, being stressed, sitting too much, smoking, and wearing underwear with restrictive elastic will contribute to cellulite. Toxins also contribute to fat and, thus, cellulite (Jones 2008). We are surrounded by toxins in our environment, and we consume them via breathing, eating, and drinking. Our porous skin absorbs toxins. (For a mind-boggling list of environmental toxins, see the CDC National report on environmental chemicals at http://www.cdc.gov/exposurereport/. Nearly every tested person excreted chemicals such as flame retardants stored in fatty tissue and Bisphenol A, a hormone-like substance found in plastics, in their urine.) The dimpling usually worsens with age as the connective tissue becomes more rigid. Women get cellulite more commonly than men because they have thicker subcutaneous fat. The septa pattern also varies between the sexes. In women, septa run vertically, while the septa in men are in a diagonal pattern. Therefore, in women, when the fat cells bulge, they push upward, creating a mattress tufting effect. While men sometimes seek out this procedure, they usually do so for dimensional loss, not cellulite smoothing.

Cellulite massage is an energetic, deep tissue massage designed to soften and loosen the rigid septa. The massage also flushes out excess toxins stored in the fat cells. This helps smooth the appearance of cellulite and actually helps with dimensional loss of inches in the worked areas. However, it’s not a one-time deal.

It in involves 6 weeks, 3 massages a week, totaling 18 massages!!!

Benefits include:

-smoother skin

-diminished dimpling

-flush toxins

-retraining your own body to more adequately flush toxins

-more energy

-increased ability to loose weight

-dimensional loss of 6-12 inches!!!

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